Chili and spice


Invigorating indulgence

Feeling adventurous? Try Camino’s chili and spice hot chocolate for a unique blend of cocoa with invigorating chili, ginger and cinnamon. Sure to arouse your senses and provide some added warmth on a cold day. Simply prepare with your choice of milk or milk substitute like almond or rice milk. Fairtrade certified, certified organic, gluten free, non-GMO and Vegan friendly (made without milk ingredients but may contain traces of milk). 

(No added milk. Prepare with your choice of milk or milk substitute).

Certified Organic
Fairtrade Certified
Certified Kosher
Vegan friendly
Gluten free

Sold in 275 g tins.




List of organic ingredients

Golden cane sugar*, cocoa powder*, cinnamon*, ginger*, ground cayenne pepper, vanilla powder.



Allergen statement

May contain traces of milk and soy products.



Dominican Republic

CONACADO (cocoa)

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