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Private investment in La Siembra co-operative supports an ethical business model that rewards hard work in Canada and abroad while providing consumers with quality food products; it ensures economic self-sufficiency and greater health and prosperity for families and communities in many countries.

The impact of private investment throughout the years has made it possible for La Siembra to increase fair trade premiums to producers. These premiums have helped develop many sustainable programs, from building health clinics and processing facilities to developing potable water sources and completely revitalizing agricultural communities that once suffered from extreme poverty, alcoholism and despair.

Throughout the more than 15 years of selling their products directly to La Siembra, these communities have become vibrant and empowered, where youth are proud to return to the land to farm for fair trade sales.

This greater prosperity is the outcome of what we call the joyful food revolution.

If you’d like to learn more on investing in La Siembra co-operative, please contact our Investor Relations team at or call us at 613 235-6122. A copy of our annual report is available.



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